Meet Georgia Daffodil and Ginnny Daisy! These two beautiful girls came from Save the Horses. Their owner came from Jamaica where his donkeys were allowed to roam freely. He found out that Georgia wasn’t okay with donkeys roaming about the neighborhood. He wanted to do what was best for the girls, so after deciding he could not afford to care for them as they deserved, he contacted Save the Horses.

Update: The mini donkeys that we visited in Tennessee are coming to Heavy Metal! I can’t wait to introduce everyone to the sweetest donkeys!

My dream is to rescue donkeys. We have had a few setbacks, but we are still forging ahead! To get some insight into donkeys, we paid a visit to a rescue in Tennessee. Lauren and her husband were the best hosts! We spent the day meeting her donkeys and learning about the day to day care. I have always had horses, but donkeys will be new to me. After that day, I was again set on fire to do what I feel is my life’s work.