All three girls are doing great and laying eggs! They love free ranging (supervised, of course). We adopted a hen from the Gwinnett Human Society, Dottie is currently in quarantine, but will be joining the flock soon!!

So we got a chicken. I manifested a chicken…I have been reading about ticks, etc., with donkeys and the suggestions ranged from using Avon Skin So Soft to getting some sort of fowl…I did a little research, but not extensively. Then, one of Rodney’s coworkers had a hen that was being picked on by the others in the flock. We were asked to take her, and how could we say no? Heavy Metal ANIMAL Sanctuary….Our first chicken, Pearl (later to be known as Earl!) has left us along with three of her friends. Now we have Blanche, Buffy, and Luna. They are so much fun and Blanche and Buffy are providing us with eggs! Luna is a little younger, so no eggs yet!